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At IPA Coaching and Consulting we are a longstanding team of committed professionals that utilize our diverse experience and access to resources to create winning strategies that lead to breakthrough results in the lives and businesses of our clients.

We specialize in developing successful strategies to give direction to emerging companies, to manage and grow wealth, for real estate, investments, and for living at full personal potential.

  • You are an entrepreneur trying to transform your innovative vision into the next success story.

We have the resources to help you get there.

  • You are an individual facing a life transition; a new career, buying or selling a home; planning for retirement.

We have the resources to assist you.

  • You are overwhelmed by circumstances that block your path to achieving success.

We will provide strategies to help you achieve your goals.

  •  Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Highly Qualified Investment Team
  • Real-World Experience
  • Proven Track Record


    I am a Physical Therapist and has always known Ricky to be a gifted and talented man. However, when our casual conversation about being empty-nesters turned from “wistful to what-if” we began to realize the full extent of his skills. Ricky is a patient, but engaged listener who asks just the right questions to gain full understanding of your dreams and desires. After gentle, but pointed probing, he was able to help us see our full potential and provide us with a framework for mapping our future financial and professional goals. Ricky directed us towards the proper reading materials and personal resources to further educate our minds and clarify our thoughts. With his assistance, we moved through the phases of goal setting to eventual implementation of our plan: to build our business. The combination of Ricky’s sense of humor, his godly wisdom and his complete financial knowledge made our dream building process a breeze. He was a timely blessing in our lives and we would highly recommend Ricky to anyone who needs financial and/or professional guidance.

    I am a senior executive in the financial industry with over 25 years of experience a summary of my positions are listed below. I highly recommend Ricky Gooch as a coach. Ricky has a keen ability to identify the root cause of problems and implement the right solution. Ricky’s passion for his clients his integrity work ethic and intelligence are second to none. I have known Ricky for 30 years he is an excellent business, life and financial coach who understands how to leverage his network to get you the best results in achieving your vision.
    President of Wedington Capital Group
    Former Senior Vice President of Allianz Global Investors
    Former Chairman, Contra Costa County Retirement System (AUM $5 Billion)
    Former Vice of Morgan Stanley
    Former Vice Chairman of State of California Retirement Systems (AUM $100 Billion)
    AUM- assets under management
    I am the president and CEO of GSG Professional Accounting and Tax Services. I am also a Certified Public Accountant with more than twenty years of experience.
    Ricky Gooch has not only been a business colleague of mine but also a personal friend for more than 10 years. My business dealings with him have been fruitful via client referrals and his business savvy. Ricky is a person of integrity and great intelligence. He is truly a people person who cares about his client’s success. Doing business with Ricky is a pleasure because you can let him take the reins and know that he has your best interest at heart.
    That is why I am recommending him to anyone who is in search of someone who will give his best for his client. Ricky is a person who truly gets joy out of helping others succeed at their goals. He is hard working, always looking for innovative ways to help his clients meet their goals, and yet is very attune to his clients concerns.
    So if you are looking for a financial coach please do yourself a favor and consider Ricky Gooch you will find the experience pleasant and at the end you will be better off all around for it.

    I am a Project Manager with over 10 years of experience with government contracting.
    Ricky, thank you for being a phenomenal mentor and confidant! With your coaching, I have changed my middle class mentality and put my finances on a progressive track toward to support my vision of being financially secure.
    Your coaching has taught me the importance of saving and building a financial base. This base is not only needed for personal reasons but also propel me to start my business. Your coaching philosophy has shown me at the rate I was going, if I did not change my spending behavior I was headed for financial destruction.
    Because I trust you and the financial coaching you give; I look forward to us developing a financial and business life strategy.
    PS. The changed you brought to my life thus far is priceless!
    Thank you,

    I am a Lawyer and blessed to have the good fortune to meet Ricky Gooch two years ago, when I needed a life coach. My elderly mother was seriously ill, and in order to support and care for her I had to close my business and move to another state. The spiritual, physical, and financial repercussions were enormous, and I knew that I needed help to get my life back on a purpose driven path. In the two years since, Ricky has done all that and more as my coach. His honesty, integrity, and extraordinary ability to understand, critique, instruct and encourage with love and good humor, have made a permanent difference in my life. Today, I’m living with purpose and direction that has my personal and professional life flourishing again. I was so impressed with the results in my personal life that I have extended my trust in him to my financial life as well.””